I found out on Wednesday this update on the young black West Virginia woman who was kidnapped, brutally raped, and tortured.

Read the story here:



 As if she has not suffered enough.

At the time I read the news article, all I could think of was:  “When will it ever end? When will this sexualized gendered racist hatred of black women end?” The thing is, I knew that I could answer that question unequivocally:

“When black women are wiped off the face of the earth by all those who seek the destruction of black women. That is when this madness against black women will end.”

I held off putting my post up on what she has recently gone through (I was going to post on it anyway, just needed to catch my breath from the verbal and physical assaults black women and girls are reeling from that is normal in America for us), but, a commentor (Krl) on my blog left a comment concerning what the police and the news media (which I read about in the article) are doing to this young woman who just barely came back home into the safe and loving arms of her mother, to only be hit with this public pilloring. I decided to right away go ahead and post on what this young lady is being put through. It saddens and hurts me that this young woman is given no humane consideration for what she just went through, and survived. It does not surprise me, the cold and callous behaviour of the police in their mad rush to arrest her for the charges she is accused of.

What the hell, she’s just another black woman?

Who cares about her feelings?

Who cares about the physical and psychological trauma she has just recently come through?

Only a week ago she was stabbed, raped repeatedly by two males, had hot water poured on her, racial obscenities screamed at her, kept in a tool shed at night, and forced to eat dog and rat feces.

Forced to drink from a toilet, lick the toes, lick the vagina and lick the feces-covered anus of one of the female attackers.

And now this.

As if the police could not have given her a chance to regain her human diginity after the horrific depravities she recently suffered. As if the police could not give her a month to at least begin to try and recuperate from the vicious abominations done to her body and mind. As if the police could not have held off running at full speed ahead to her home to arrest her; as if the police could not allow her to turn herself in on her own recognizance concerning these charges.

She hasn’t had a chance to get up, before she is now being beaten back down.

The assault goes on.

The beat down goes on.

The use of black women as the perpetual Everlast bag, goes on.

UPDATED LINKS  [9/23/2007]:





(Clarification:  The young lady was arraigned in court for the worthless check charges and was released on an $8,000.oo bond, the day she appeared in court, per the news article.)



Here are links courtesy of Rachel’s Tavern that the young lady was held for a month instead of the stated one week, by these humans who tortured, raped, stabbed, beat, and planned on killing her:



The following is the police transcript of the young lady describing her torturous ordeal at the hands of her would-be murderers.

WARNING: Contains harsh language and graphic descriptions of inhumane mistreatment of this innocent young woman:



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  1. My God! Don’t these “humans” have any compassion for this young woman? She had gone through hell by those “no-goods” and people have the audacity to judge her, digging up her past history to use against her?

    I’m sick of the media trashing Black victims, especially Black women and girls. This sexist/racist treatment by the media and opinion makers must end!!!

    Stephanie B.

  2. Physically nauseating. I am flabbergasted. I have a post on this case that is still in draft mode. Hope to get it out soon. Why is there not more outrage??

    Thanks also for bringing the LaVena Johnson case to all of our attention. It is very very disturbing.

  3. Andrea

    Why is this not in the news more? I was talking to my mom about the Jena 6 and mentioned this young lady and she asked me what I was talking about. So sad.

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