Isaiah Thomas. Don Imus. Snoopy Dog. Nelly Tip Drill. Russell Simmons. George Wallace. Cole Blease. Benjamin “Pitchfork” Tillman. Strom Thurmond. Orval Faubus. Eugene “Bull” Connor. Eddie Murphy. Martin Lawrence.

These are just a few of the names of “men” who have shown their hatred of black women and girls.  Since the history of race-based slavery, segregation and the reality of media and popular culture that devalues black women and girls, black women have fought a long hard battle to be given the same rights to womanhood as women of other races.

But, how can black women ever obtain respect, love, and adoration if there are people who look like “men”, walk upright like “men” but in reality are not men, so-called “men” who go out of their way to tear down and destroy black women, physically, verbally and with slanderous, libelous lies?

Gangsta rap lyrics and videos that would make a pornographer blush.

Literature that marginalizes and renders black women invisible.

Bitch, whore, slut, skank, skeezer, cunt, wench, nigger bitch, ho’, chickenhead, hoodrat.

These are the hateful slurs that have been hurled into the faces of black women and girls by white men, men of other races, and black men.

Black women have suffered at the hands of men of many races ever since they were brought here against their will.

Free black women during the early years of slavery-indentured servitude in the 17TH Century had their able-bodied labor taxed by the white-run colonial patriarchy. Talk about the so-called “black tax”; black women were the first victims of this term. (1)

Before race-based slavery came into full force, the child of a woman took the race of the father. After race-based American slavery was legalized in 1641 in Massachusetts, white men enacted the law specifying that the child inherited the status of its mother and therefore its legal and racial status was to follow the race of the MOTHER, rather than the race of the father, reversing English common law. Ergo, if a child was born of a free white woman, that child was henceforth and forever free.(1)

Not so the children of a black enslaved woman. Any child who came from her womb was doomed to live her or his life as a slave. It did not matter who the father was:  black male slave, free black man, Indian, poor white man, rich white man. By white men decreeing that children from an enslaved black mother were to be slaves was to destine the offspring of all men with a black woman to be slaves until they died.  Virginia later passed the same law in 1662. All other states in America passed this law as well.  (1)

“Good Wives, Nasty Wenches, and Anxious Patriarchs:  Gender, Race, and Power in Colonial Virginia”, by Kathleen M. Brown, (Chappel Hill, N.C., 1996), 107–109, 112-113.

During the height of slavery, black women were raped with impunity by any and every man on the slave plantation:  the slave master, his sons, his friends, his neighbors, the white overseer, the black overseer—any man. Because a black enslaved woman could not have redress against rapists, nothing she said or did could prevent her honor and chastity from being destroyed by all men in the community, both on the plantation and off.

During segregation, black women faced more of the same evils of sexualized gendered racism from both white men and black men. White men were not the only men who raped black women. Black women suffered from sexual abuse and degradation from the black men of their communites, even when these same black women had to go out and work menial wage jobs to keep the black family out of starvation because the white man refused gainful employment to the black man. Black women had to go into the houses of white men as domestics to work for $2-3 a day and face rape and sexual humiliation to help bring home money. All the while black women were suffering at the hands of white men, they were also suffering from sexual degradations at the hands of black men:  rape, sodomy, incest, beatings, murders.

Because of over 450+ years of racist and sexist hatred by white men against black women, many black men, such as Isaiah Thomas, have internalized racist, sexist hatred against black women.

“If it’s good enough for Massa, then it’s good enough for me.”

“If Massa does it, then that must make it right.”

Does not matter all the many black women who have put their lives on the line for black men during slavery, during Reconstruction, during segregation. Does not matter that black women risked their lives to save black men from the lynch rope and the burning stake. Does not matter the many black women who stood with black men in the battle to desegregate the armed forces, to work the grassroots level and all the way up into the upper echelons of the Civil Rights Movement to benefit both black women and black men.

Does not matter all that black women have suffered and endured to help black men find their rightful place in this world.

Does not matter that so many black women have stood back, and took so less, so little, for so many years, so that the black man could get on his feet and stand among men.

Does not matter.

All that matters in the eyes of some black men, those like Isaiah Thomas, is that they are more than willing to beat down, spit on, shit on, and curse to their faces women who have put their lives on the line for a race of men who were told time and time again they were not men. Men whom black women refused to give up on. Men who black women refused to throw the towel in on. Men whom black women refused to write off as if they were so much trash to be thrown aside. Men whom black women have taken a bullet for, both figuratively, and literally.

And all that black women have done, for what?

For what?

To be treated as less than a human by the likes of Isaiah Thomas just so he can curry favor with white-run America? Here is what he stated on the usage of the word “bitch” when used by a white man as opposed to when a black man uses it:

Knicks Exec Explains Use of Vulgar Term

By PAT MILTON, Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK – To New York Knicks coach Isiah Thomas, hearing a white man refer to a black woman using a certain vulgar term would be “highly offensive.”

But he said he wouldn’t be so offended if he heard a black man use the same term to refer to a black woman.

“I do make a distinction,” Thomas said in a videotaped deposition played for a jury Monday in his sexual harassment trial.

A former female team executive, Anucha Browne Sanders, is seeking $10 million in damages on her claim that she was fired because she accused Thomas of harassment. She has said that Thomas repeatedly called her by the word, “bitch,” which the Knicks coach was addressing in the videotaped deposition.

He denied calling Browne Sanders vulgar names.

“I never cursed at Miss Sanders,” a mild-mannered Thomas said in the tape, which was projected on a big screen in a packed federal courtroom in the second week of the widely publicized trial.

“Now have I ever used curse words around her, yes, but at her? No,” Thomas said in response to questions posed by attorneys.

(Read the rest of the article here:  http://www.comcast.net/includes/article/print.jsp?fn=/data/news/html/2007/09/18/766284.html )

He states that he has never called the woman suing him the word bitch, but, why should he expect anyone to believe him when he stated that a black man calling a black woman a bitch is not “highly offensive”, but, when a white man says it, it is offensive?

When a white man says it, it’s scream all the way to high heaven wrong, but, when a black man says it, it’s sorta, kinda alright?

When a white man says it, it’s “Let’s tear him to pieces for degrading our women!” But, when a black man says it, it’s  “That’s okay, they’re just black bitches, who cares about them?” “What the hell, let’s call black women bitches before the eyes of the world. All the world knows that many of us black men do not give a damn about black women. All the world sees how hatefully we mistreat our black women and girls. All the world sees how there are so many black men who are destroying so many black women and girls in the black community.

“All the world says, publically (but, mostly) privately:

“Look at how those black men hate on and beat down the women of their race. Why do they seek to destroy a race of women who have had their backs since the beginning of race-based slavery in America? Who else will have those black men’s backs if not black women? Who else will stand by the black man with the type of loyalty that black women have? Loyalty that is the envy of the world?”

 It has been a hell of a history for black women in America when white men would rape and then lynch a black woman, all the while screaming the words “nigger bitch” in her face. It has been a hell of a history for black women when white men would torture and burn black women all the while calling them “nigger wench”, “black bitch”. It has been a hell of a history that black women have suffered from mass rapes and legally sanctioned gang rapes to come to this?

Vicious hatred from black men like Thomas?

What was the use of all those centuries, decades and generations for that black women put their lives on the line just so that so-called “men” such as Thomas could insult and defile them just because they are men and not women?

Just because they are not BLACK WOMEN?

 But, I err in calling people like Isaiah Thomas a “man”.

A real man would not call the women of his race bitches or any vile derogatory epithet.

A real man would not viciously tear down the women of his race hoping to curry favor with the dominant in power race.

A real man would not be so dead inside as to consider the women of his race as less than a female dog.

That is what a weak, spineless, gutless wonder does.

Not a real man.

Black “men” like Isaiah Thomas do not have the balls to call women of other races, bitches, ho’s and sluts.  Black men like Thomas do not have the balls to verbally attack and maliciously malign women of other races. Black men like Thomas know better than to attack the women of other races because they know that women of other races are PROTECTED in this society whereas black women have NEVER been protected in this society from the rapes and degradation against black women that started in slavery.

Black men like Thomas know that if they were to call a white woman, an Asian woman, an Arab woman, etc., a bitch, ho’ or slut, they would be torn to pieces for debasing those women of other races. But, it’s all okay to insult and shit on black women.

And why?

Because white men have been doing this cruelty for over 450+ years that is supposed to make it acceptable? Because white men have shit on black women that makes it right for black men to ape the worst kind of mistreatment that any race of men have ever done to a race of women in this country?

Black women have stood against much horror from the white race that has sought to annihilate black men, and even when black men were tearing us down and defiling our image in rap videos and hateful misogynistic lyrics and hateful Sapphire images in movies, we still stood in their corner, against the world.

When black men are under siege from race hatred, black women are the first ones in the trenches to fight the battles against race hatred that seek to destroy the black man. When black men are demonized as savage monsters, black women are the first to stand up against the assaults against black men’s honor and integrity. When black men are depicted as stereotypical criminals in movies and television, black women write letter campaigns to the media to cease and desist their negative portrayals of black men.

But, when black women are under attack, from black men, where are the black men to speak up for us?

When black women are raped and terrorized like the mother of Dunbar Village, like the young black West Virginia woman, and the young women of Newark, where are the black men who take to the streets championing their cause? Why is it that black men only scream and howl when a white man harms a black woman, but, say next to nothing when the perpetrator of crime against a black woman is a black man, whether that crime is by his hands or his mouth?

Black women are sick to death of the drive-by-verbal-assaults that we have suffered by the mistreatment of black men like Thomas.

When people of other races see how black men rip to pieces, insult, curse, and destroy the women of their race, what in the world makes those same black men think that men of other races will let a black man even near their women?

When some black men do not even give a damn about the women of their own race, when black men do not even respect the women of their own race, how do black men like Isaiah Thomas expect respect when they so hatefully will not give it to the women of their own race?

So-called “men” like Thomas have internalized racist sexist hatred of black women. So-called black men like Thomas feel that if they tear black women to pieces in the eyes of white-run America, that this will build them up in the eyes of non-blacks.

It does not.

This sick sadistic, pychotic hatred only shows the world how much black men like Thomas suffer from the worst kind of self-hatred known to man and woman.

Black men like Thomas show to the world that their self-hatred is vile and sickening and festers like a disease, a disease that ensnares and soul murders everyone in its midst. No sane man of another race would want men like Thomas near their female relatives.

No SANE man.

For if you cannot treat the women of your own race as human beings—as WOMEN—how in God’s name can the world expect you to treat women of other races as human beings, as women?

How can you expect the rest of the world to treat the women of your own race when you so willfully destroy them before the eyes of the rest of the world?

A well-known black man said these words in 1964 about the black man’s taking the black woman for granted. About the black men (those who know who they are), continually crying for respect from everyone around them, but, on the other hand, showing the least amount of respect for those who have had his back for centuries, for generations.

And that person who has had his back in many ways than he can remember, is the black woman.

The black men (those who mistreat and disrespect the black woman), need to heed and live by this great man’s words, words said to the abusive black women-hating, sellout Isaiah Thomas’s of his day, and his words still hold true:

“The black man is going around saying he wants respect; well, the black man will never get anybody’s respect until he first learns to respect his own women! The black man needs to start today to shelter and protect and respect his black women!”

Malcolm X, from “The Autobiography of Malcolm X”, as told to Alex Haley, Ballantine Books, New York, 1965, pg. 241.

Black women do not need to fear the white man calling them bitches and hos. What black woman has to dread hearing those words when there are men like Thomas who can say those words for the white man?

The white man does not have to disparage, slander or libel the character and integrity of black women, publically.

He has so-called “men” like Thomas to do that for him.


It does not take a genius to see who the bitch is.

If Isaiah Thomas is not sure of what a real bitch looks like, he can go and look into a mirror.

That is what a bitch looks like.


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  1. You brought it on that one. I felt like I was at the church of Ann.

    I knew you would have something great to say about this.

  2. You’re spitting some truth up in here.

  3. I’m absolutely amazed that more people don’t see this cuckoldry for what it is. There’s a bizarre relationship between black and white men in this country whereas they use one another to degrade and debase women. Anyone who has spent any time around the interracial community is familiar with the constant requests from white men to have black men ‘degrade’ white women sexually. Through rap and sports black men return the favor by allowing white men to vicariously experience the degradation of black women. White men cannot openly debase black women these days. Typically he’ll be immediately called out for his racism, so black men do it for him. White men can’t openly degrade white women either, hence you have all this ‘fantasy’ of being ‘cuckolded.’ Frankly, I think a lot of it is homoerotic and in reality they want to screw one another, but being both sexist and homophobic they don’t dare explore that, so they take it out on women. It’s downright scary how no one talks about this phenomenon, but it plays out in our communities on a daily basis.

  4. There is not much left to be said, this was a well written article. I always believe misogyny and female battery existed in Africa pre slavery etc., as well as in other non-black civilizations. But, due to the historical dynamics of African slavery and colonialism it does show the dynamics of this being amplified and even used as an excuse among certain black males and people in our society. Well done.

  5. Pingback: White man saying ‘bitch’ is worse, Isiah says « A Pedestrian View

  6. Miranda

    I FELT this post!!! Thanks for the mini-history lesson also.

  7. Hi,
    Roslyn makes some good points. I’ve often felt that there are a huge number of men in this country who seem to only want sex from women, anything else they get from their ‘boys’. I call them faux-heterosexuals. I think that many of them might indeed prefer to be intimate with their homies but society frowns on that so they have sex with women and degrade them, then show so-called love for their male counterparts. Someone should really look at that particular culture, it seems to be growing and especially prevelant in the hip hop world.

    Beautiful Also, thanks for your post.

  8. SheCodes

    AMEN, sister. Amen. Thank you for saying what millions of us are thinking.

    A change MUST be made, and we must finally accept the fact that it begins with us. There is no group in the world that will defend and protect black women, except we ourselves.

    It is time to start fighting, with words, lawsuits, and every other tool that the Creator places in our hands. We can not allow our daughters to inherit this evil.

  9. Thank you Ann for this much-needed article. I could also add Clarence Thomas, for he was willing to step on Black women in order to rise in the Black conservative movement. It’s disgusting.

    Stephanie B.

  10. Ann

    Roslyn and Mes Deaux Cents.

    I have also seen this phenomenon unfolding over the years. I addressed this issue over at Evia’s blog 1 year ago, and also at Clare’s blog, Racial Realist.

    I saw the homoerotic, homo-social, homosexual bonding that was taking place between white men and black men.

    Talk about a marriage made in Hell.

    Black women have suffered some of the most sickest cruelties and abominations from those two groups of men, and we still are.

    After all that black women have gone through with black men, after all that black women have stood against for the defense of black men, for them to curry favor with Massa just to be on that level with him, is sordid, sick and beyond pathetic.

    Rachel, La Msviswaan, Miranda, Piroutee, SheCodes and Stephanie, thank you all for your comments and support.

    Yours always, in the struggle.


  12. There’s a rabbi who wrote an article about this phenomenon. Not particularly as it pertains to black/white males, but about men in general. The way that so-called male bonding, especially in sports culture has replaced male/female bonding. Because of this, these young men have lost the ‘civilizing’ effect that a female presence often brings, and literally don’t know how to behave. I wish I could find that article, but I’ve purged a lot of my bookmarks just recently because they were screwing up my computer. If I can find it, I’ll provide a link.

    Ann, do you have a link to your posts? I’d really be interested in reading them.

    I think it’s most interesting that many black men are quick to claim that ‘black women and white men are the only free people in this country.’ Of course, they’re implying that black women find ‘freedom’ through sexual exploitation by white men. (Yeah right!) They say it so frequently that I wonder sometimes if they’re not jealous that they can’t get the (presumed) leg-up so to speak, by being sexually exploited by white men. It’s really sick and twisted.

  13. patsgirl

    Your words too beautiful, the truth too painful.
    Do these black males think that their abuse & degradation of black women lifts them up in the eyes of the dominant race! They’re fools if they believe this! Their behavior just shows their white racist brothers & sisters that the plan is working. We see constantly that men of other races defend & protect their women (even if the woman is seen as abandoning her own race they’re still backed up by the men of their own race). These (self-hating) AA males are jokes to all other races & black women have to start seeing them for the jokes they are. These fools will be the last to see this, because they’re too busy congratulating themselves for assimilating. Black & non-black women are seeing them for the self-hating arrogant narcissists they are & moving on to non-AA black men & others to date & marry.
    There is just no way to justify violence, abuse & neglect of the women & children of your own race. Self-hating AA males are the weakest men on the planet & others are beginning to know this. I see these males as the same enemy as white supremacists–they’re just not allowed to carry the card.

  14. Ann


    I will track down the post where I made my comments. As soon as I find them, I will post them.


    I agree. That some black men think that degrading black women and girls should be cavalierly accepted is delusion of the most monstrous kind. Any man who insults the women of his own race ceases to be a man. Black people have many issues in our race that need to be tackled, and men like Thomas only crab-in-a-barrell pull down the black women and men who are trying to solve the many problems that assail black people, both within our race, and without.

    Yes, black women should give their time, devotion and attention to MEN who accept us for the lovely women we are, whether these men are black, white, Asian, Native American, Arabic, Latino—or Inuit.

    Time for black women to cease surviving and just getting by in being somewhat treated as women.

    Time for black women to start THRIVING in this world.

    We deserve no less.

  15. Ann


    “There is not much left to be said, this was a well written article. I always believe misogyny and female battery existed in Africa pre slavery etc., as well as in other non-black civilizations. But, due to the historical dynamics of African slavery and colonialism it does show the dynamics of this being amplified and even used as an excuse among certain black males and people in our society. Well done.”

    I agree. My reason for mentioning slavery was not to blame on slavery the state of antagonism between black men and women, but, to remind black men like Thomas that black women have stood by black men when black people faced horrific hells.

    If black women could do that during slavery/segregation, and still do it in the 21ST Century, I do not think it is too much to ask that black men like Thomas have the guts and backbone to do the same.

  16. DestinysLady

    If any man calls me the “B” word it better be “baby”, “beautiful” or “brickhouse”. As for Isiah, with his homemade spelling of a biblical name, he needs to stop all that smiling and take responsibility for disrespecting a black woman. The black lady who was recently tortured for one week by six white subhumans was not only their victim but she is a victim of historical devaluing of black women. Black men must not aid white racists in disrespecting black women. And another thing Isiah, “Yo’ Mama”.

  17. Ann


    “And another thing Isiah, “Yo’ Mama”.”

    I understand how you feel about how Thomas insulted and disparaged ALL black women with his comments, but, I will not tolerate any offense given to ANY man’s mother because of his actions.

    Thomas, and he alone, will have to atone for his wrongs. Thomas, and he alone, will have to answer for the total disregard and disrespect he has shown to all black women, including his own mother.

    Please reserve your comments for Thomas.

    Believe me, he will pay for his vile utterances.

    He is paying now.



  20. Jim

    I love black women – best body and mind of them all! 🙂

  21. Bobby


    Comment deleted.

    Read my Comment Policy.

  22. Bobby


    Comment deleted.

    Read my Comment Policy.

  23. Reblogged this on Steph's Blog and commented:
    That’s so true, Ann. Thank you for writing this brilliant piece. I’m reblogging your post to my new blog. Thanks a million Ann!

    MODERATOR: Thanks for stopping by, Stephanie, and congratulations on your new blog.

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