1.  U. S. pastors deal with fearful immigrants after tribal raid.

Even though this story addresses immigrants who sought sanctuary in a nonrecognized American Indian tribe, I could not help but think of the Cherokee Freedmen/women who were kicked out of the Cherokee nation early this year in March, 2007. That these immigrants would buy their way into an Indian tribe to obtain U.S. citizenship, when the Freedmen/women have worked all their lives as citizens of the Cherokee nation, only to be disenfranchised of their rightful citizenship, galls me to no end.


2.  Study:  Race matters in nursing home care

This article covers a study that speaks of the disparity of care that is received by black and white residents in some nursing homes in America. The article discusses the poor care that black Medicare patients receive in these homes, and analyzed the quality and racial makeup of nursing homes. The differences between quality of nursing home care that blacks received as opposed to whites, was related largely to where they received their care. And the surprise to many people is that the South fared better in this study.


3. No girls, please, we’re Indian

Indian-American groups condemn fertility clinics ads which promote favored sex-selection in Indian media, claiming it causes sex-selection of boys over girls.


 4.  Racial disparities in home mortgage lending

  Black and Latino home buyers are targeted more than whites by predatory lenders, according to the ACORN study, revealing racial and income disparities in mortgage lending.


5.  Black studies as an AP program

  Should Advance Placement programs in public schools offer black American history as an elective just as those schools offer Latin, Chinese language, calculus and European history?

6.   Congress holds hearing on hip-hop

So, supposedly, sometime around September 25, 2007, “reason” and “sanity” are going to finally surface against the hated lies, myths and stereotypical degradation that black women have faced in this country? Supposedly, the media, the music industry, and this country, that disparages, denigrates, defiles, debases, and degrades black women is going to straighten up and fly right? Supposedly, black women are finally going to get respect, consideration, adoration, and admiration as human beings and as WOMEN?

Yeah, right.

I’ll believe all of the above when Hell freezes over, and pigs learn to fly.

(But, anyway, I went ahead and mailed my letter, emailed and faxed my questions to both my senators and my state representatives on what they will do to show respect towards me as one of their constituents concerning vicious racist, sexist vitriol against me and all black women. I do believe that as public servants they are to look out for my safety and well-being. And I am holding them to that.)

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