Justice will not be denied for long;It may be stomped and crushed to the ground,But, it will triumph and rise up and proclaim itself.Justice may take a long time to arrive;It may take a lifetime;

Many times it never comes.

But, it will come out, of the darkness

Screaming and crying forth its pain.

One day, justice will roll down like a mighty stream,

With a welcome quenching waters of hope.

But, that day is long, far off.

That day  will not come;

Until America faces the torment and cruelty

She has meted out to her darkest citizens,

Justice will not come;

Justice will remain delayed, denied.

Centuries, upon centuries of time of despair;

Black lives destroyed, many thousand gone.

Decades of black lives taken,

All across America and the South, the murders,

The rapes, the theft of property

The stolen childhood of children denied education.

The complacency, the apathy;

The downright cruelty, sadistic pleasure.

The torture, the burnings, the lynching spectacles

The picnics, the festivals, the glee on the faces

Of men, women and children who came

To watch the roasted bodies, the burning flesh;

Bodies that writhed in anguish;

The screams, the cries that fell on deaf ears.

The eyes gouged out, with sharp icepicks;

The fingers, toes, privates, cut off

Kept as grisly souvenirs,

Kept as trophies of the lowest behaviour

That one human being could show to another.

The Black Codes, the Black Laws of the Old Northwest,

The time when Affirmative Action was “White”, and still is.

The racial covenants of the West, the North;

The gentlemen’s agreement of redlining

Black citizens into slums of despair.

The continued racial isolation of de facto segregation,

The inequality of still sub-standard educations.

The separation of “White Christians” from” Black Christians” on Sunday, at high noon.

America stood by and watched while depravities,

Perversions, barbarities and abominations were carried out.

America stood by while white men walked into the homes

Of black women and young black girls;

Violating their bodies, their sanity, their spirits

While white men walked into the homes of black families,

And pillaged and raped the honor of black females.

America stood by while white men fathered

Tens of thousands of children with black women;

Children abandoned as if they were so much trash;

Children who were deemed by their white fathers

As having no souls, thereby, no humanity.

White men who felt the need to use,

Abuse, and impregnate defenseless black women and girls

With children they would deny before the world.

Children whose white brothers and sisters

Know not what white father has done;

Children whose white brothers and sisters,

KNOW what white father has done, but refuse to acknowledge it.

America stood by while sub-standard, unequal education

Was the law and order of the day;

While schools of better grade,

Parks, playgrounds and zoos

Whose entry was not allowed to black people,

Black people whose TAXES paid for

All that white people benefited from.

America stood by, while the “Veil”

That hid from view, the lives,

The desolation, the suffocation

That was a normality for black lives all across the South.

The fire-bombing of black people’s homes;

The car-bombings, the bombings of churches;

Places of sanctuary where four little girls

Were blown to bits while praying in Sunday School.

The police dogs turned on black protesters,

The bodies bitten and torn by the fangs of dogs

Who knew no better, who did as they were commanded,

By men who knew the wrong they did would haunt them to this day.

Like a ravening, she-wolf, Whore of Babylon,

America has tore through the lives of black America

America has built up a special place in Hell for herself,

America has beat herself down into the dust of monstrosities.

America will never be the democracy she should be;

America has heaped countless crimes upon herself;

America has committed hypocrisy, after hypocrisy,

America has crippled and stunted herself with her lies.

A few white men who have finally

Been brought to justice;

A few white men who have been given a few years in prison.

White men who have lived lives of freedom,

While so many black men and women,

Lie mute in graves all across the South,

Mute testimony to the perversion and twisting of justice.

One white man brought to justice will never tip

The scales in balance towards justice for black America.

One white man brought to justice, years, decades later,

Will never be enough for all the hate, all the truth beat down.

Nothing compared to the white men

Who have escaped justice, who have escaped

The hidden truth of their crimes and guilt,

White men who still walk around—-free.

Still eating, drinking, wearing out clothes;

Still living, breathing, having lives,

While those they have destroyed,

Have received no justice for their lives taken.

A few white men brought to justice,

Is not even a trickle.

Nothing but a drop of water in a vast bucket,

In the middle of a dry desert at high noon.


Nothing compared to all the atrocities done in the name of

White supremacy;

White honor;

White justice;

White segregation;

White brutality;

White corruption.


The truth will come out, one day.

The truth will rise up, one day.

The truth will come forth, one day.

The truth will be made manifest.


All the trees,

All the forests,

All the woods,

All the streams,

All the lakes,

All the rivers……….

Will one day proclaim the truth.

They will shout it out loud,

And the roar will tear the ears, asunder,

Because such a truth has bided its time for far too long;

Such a truth will rend to bits all those who stand in its presence.

The trees in Georgia that witnessed the lynchings.

The trees in Texas that witnessed the little black child,

Whose skull was crushed after seeing his father murdered.

The earth that caught the body, the earth that received

The little innocent body of a lynched black mother’s baby

Cut from her womb by a knife-wielding brave white man.

The woods in Alabama which witnessed the little black girl

Pulled into the woods and raped by white men;

The woods in Louisiana which witnessed the black boy

Striped naked, and beaten to death.

The lakes in Mississippi which witnessed the body of Emmit Till

Thrown into a lake after being tortured for hours on end.

The rivers in Virginia which witnessed

The drownings of so many innocent

Black women, men and children.

The Earth that rages and trembles under the feet,

Of murderers, rapists, pedophiles, liars,

Will open and reveal all the filth and perversity’s

That have been hid beneath the earth.

The ground where spatters of blood fell in torrents,

As black bodies hung from the tree limbs;

Black bodies where genitals where torn and cut away,

Black bodies left to hang and rot.

The ground where white feet trampled down earth,

Embers and ashes of burned bodies;

The ground where whites scrambled and fought,

Over the pieces of someones son, someones daughter.

The voices and souls of black people cry out for justice;

Cry out for the truth to be made known.

The mounds of earth that cover the dead bodies of black people,

Know of the savageries done, and hid within them.

The earth knows, it knows of all the evils;

It turns its face inward, breaking under the strain;

Breaking from all the secrets buried within it;

Secrets strong enough to break the stones

That lay bare upon the earth.

The prisons of today which are nothing but

Plantations, concentration-camps-of-the-mind and body;

The ghettoized neighborhoods, that clampdown

And smother dreams, aspirations, and lives.


The truth shall be made known,

And when it is made known,

America will pay,

She will pay for her terrible crimes against humanity.

She will be handed a bill to pay, and like all bills,

When they come due,

She will be least able to afford the payment.

The day of truth is coming;

The day of reckoning is coming………

……and it will be a great, and terrible day.

by ANN

(Copyrighted material. Do not use without permission.)


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2 responses to “TRUTH

  1. I’d always thought overt racism was characteristic of the poorly educated southern crackers. In the more progressive northern states, remnants of racial bias could be found littering the hushed conversations of cultured people. Our covert racism was assuaged by our false belief that the Civil Right Act, like some religious indulgence, restored our collective soul to its original state of innocence, absolved of the sinful triptych of slavery, miscegenation, and Jim Crow.

    Let America Be America Again

    O, yes,
    I say it plain,
    America never was America to me,
    And yet I swear this oath–
    America will be!

    Langston Hughes

  2. Ro

    They that see thee shall narrowly look upon thee, and consider thee, saying, Is this the man that made the earth to tremble, that did shake kingdoms;
    Isaiah 14:16

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