File:Probosciger aterrimus-20030511.jpg

File:Cacatua leadbeateri -flying -Australia Zoo-8-2cr.jpg
Cacatua leadbeateri.jpg




 File:Cacatua galerita -perching on branch -crest-8a-2c.jpg


……………..Their inner and outer beauty would dazzle so much as to overwhelm the senses and cause to fall to their knees, all men the world over.


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One response to “IF BLACK WOMEN WERE BIRDS…….

  1. stephaniegirl

    To Ann,

    Thanks for the compliment. We Black women come in all colors, shapes, and features that would please any sane man the world over.

    You are so right about us. We’re the most copied and desireable woman in the world!

    Thanks for the photos and kind words.

    Stephanie B.

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